Cyber Security Analyst, Security Systems Administrator – Specialisterne Canada

Specialisterne Canada is recruiting!

Specialisterne Canada specializes in working with businesses to hire people on the autism spectrum, or who face similar barriers to employment. Presently, Specialisterne Canada is working with employers looking to hire people with an interest or knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

Specialisterne Canada provides recruitment, staffing solutions and management support to businesses interested in employing the skills and talents of neurodiverse people. A different perspective or an alternative communication style can be a great asset to any employer, yet because of standard recruitment processes and management practices, many people face systematic barriers to accessing and maintaining employment. Our process is designed to avoid these barriers.

There is high demand for cybersecurity roles in Canada. Specialisterne is currently recruiting for roles with more than one employer in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as in other locations in Ontario or other provinces. Descriptions of the roles are provided here.

To apply and for more information on our recruitment process visit our website at

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, meaning that there at this stage is no set deadline to apply and that Specialisterne will respond to applicants as the applications come in.

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