Amazon Student Internships

Are you a School of Computing student looking for a employment opportunity post graduation?

Amazon is hiring for a variety of student positions – see them all below!

Once you’ve filled out your application on the Amazon site, ensure you send off your answers to the intake questions below.

Professional Services Consultant – Summer Intern (Job ID: 1767757)

Professional Services Consultant – Public Sector – Summer Intern (Job ID: 1785836)

Professional Services Consultant – Strategic – Summer Intern (Job ID: 1794576)

Professional Services Consultant – Product Management – Summer Intern (Job ID: 1914958)

Tips when applying:

  • Write the Degree you are pursuing and the University you are attending.
  • Please update your resume with the (month, year) of your current graduation date.
  • List all programming languages you are proficient in
  • List your experience with any Networking fundamentals, security, databases (relational and/or NoSQL), operating systems (Unix, Linux, and/or Windows)
  • Write about any technical school/personal projects to make your resume stand out more!

Following these instructions will increase the chances of Amazon reviewing your application.

Email Intake Questions To Amanda Falwell, Amazon’s Career Recruiter, using the following email:


  1. Are you currently interviewing for a position at Amazon/AWS? If yes, what is the position and location? (i.e. you have received emails and communication that state “interview confirmation”)
  2. Have you worked for Amazon or AWS in the past?
  3. Do you have any pending offers or actively interviewing at this time and, if yes, what are the deadlines?
  4. Will you now or in the future require sponsorship? If currently on a visa or work permit, please specify what kind, the start and expiration date (include any extensions)
  5. What is your graduation date (month/year)?
  6. Would you be able to begin full-time employment with AWS by June 2023?
  7. What is the earliest date when you would be able to begin this 12-weeks-long full-time internship?
  8. Do you have experience developing software code in one of these programming languages: Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, C#, or C++? If yes, which languages?
  9. What is your experience with the following computer science domains – Networking Fundamentals, Storage, Security, Databases (Relational and/or NoSQL), Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, and/or Windows)? If you do, please make sure it is listed in your resume!


  1. Have you worked with data in the past? What was your objective and how did you accomplish it? What technologies and tools did you use?
  2. Do you have any hands-on experience building ML models in class/previous intern experience? What model did you implement and what was the purpose of the model?
  3. Do you have any hands-on experience with Python/Spark/Big Data Processing Frameworks apart from SQL? What are some examples of work that you’ve done with those frameworks?
  4. What types of projects have you worked on in school that relate to this role?
  5. Do you have any additional experience that relates to this role?

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