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My name is Calin Ranger. I am a young entrepreneur in Sudbury who is the creator of TestMsg, a new tech startup. My service is a website to help students study without having to take lots of time out of their lives. I’ve reached the development stage of TestMsg and my knowledge of development is not at a level that would allow me to finish the website in time to reach my goals.

I’m looking for a web-developer, student or alumni of the computer science program. I’ll consider anyone who can prove to be a good developer. I’m willing to work with an individual or a team.

I need a dedicated developer/team that will help me get this service on the web as fast as possible. User experience is a top priority. For this reason, the service should be easy to use. I expect whoever I work with to take the design which I had professionally done and replicate it onto a website.

If you are interested please contact me and send me your resume. We can talk about the details such as payment, time period and position title. Everything is up for discussion. There is no need to travel for this job. Everything can be done remotely.

Calin R.

Contact Information:
Cell: (705) 207-9795
E-mail: ccc.store@hotmail.com

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