Software Simulation Developer / SoC Emulation Engineer – Intel of Canada, Ltd.

Intel of Canada, Ltd. – Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group

Job Title: Software Simulation Developer / SoC Emulation Engineer
Team: Virtual Platform

We are seeking a SoC Emulation engineer to develop Virtual Platforms for future generations of Intel SSDs. Virtual Platforms combine SW simulation models and various innovative HW acceleration technologies, including virtualization, emulation, FPGA, and test chips, to optimize the balance between speed and accuracy for a variety of use cases. Today’s primary use cases are pre-silicon software development, HW/SW Co-validation, system level power & performance analysis, architecture exploration.

The team works on a wide range of tasks including SW functional and performance model development, infrastructure development, third party IP integration, EDA vendor interaction, and the deployment and support of Virtual Platforms for the full spectrum of use cases. Our development flow is compliant with the Accellera Systems Initiative SystemC and TLM2 standards, based on C++, and carried out on both Windows and Linux environments.

– Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering.
– Demonstrated ability to identify, communicate and resolve complex problems.

Additional Qualifications include the following:
– Proficiency in C/C++ and object oriented design methodologies
– Scripting in Python, C-Shell
– Proficiency in ARM microprocessor architecture and CPU behavior
– Embedded software development/debug experience
– Proficiency in structured S/W development and practices
– Proficiency in Windows/Linux based S/W development environments & tools
– Interfacing with multiple customers, understanding their requirements, setting expectations and delivering on commitments.
– Analytical problem solving, innovation and a mindset of continuous improvement
– Familiarity with HW protocols

Preferred Qualifications:
– Experience setting up and managing projects in Visual Studio
– Knowledge of SystemC and ESL modeling
– Knowledge of HDL based simulation and RTL validation environments
– Demonstrated track record of team work and timely delivery of projects and products
– Ability to prioritize, manage risks, evaluate tradeoffs and then make decisions

How to Apply:

Email applications to with a subject line as follows:

Subject Line: [University][Academic Year & Discipline][Team Interested] Full Name

Subject Line Examples:
– [UofA][4th Year Computer Engineering][ASIC Verification] John Doe
– [UBC][Masters Electrical Engineering][Hardware] Jane Doe

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