We are proud to present the following podcasts that members and collaborators of the lab have put together for your listening pleasure.

The Digital Cancer Twin Podcast

The Digital Cancer Twin Podcast comes out of a interdisciplinary collaboration between Queen’s School of Computing and School of Religion to investigate the ethical, social, philosophical and technical implications of the cutting edge AI cancer diagnostic technology that is being developed at Queen’s. This technology allows patients to receive accurate cancer diagnoses and predictions in the early stages of their treatment. What happens when one’s future life can be predicted using algorithmic models? What new responsibilities do medical practitioners need to be aware of while using this new tool? This podcast was edited and produced by Dr. Jordan Loewen-Colón and Andrei Pora in partnership with the Centre for Health Innovation.


The Responsible Use of AI Podcast

The Responsible Use of AI Podcast is a podcast series hosted by Dr. Jordan Loewen-Colón, Vanessa Ferguson and Aakanksha Khandwaha. This podcast series engages multidisciplinary scholars across North America in discussions on the implications of AI technologies and tools, and necessary considerations prior to its deployment. These conversations are intended to ensure that AI will be useful universally and that its benefits are felt by everyone. In a time where interest in artificial intelligence is rampant, how must we responsibly deploy this technology? Moreover, how must we do so in a meaningful and ethical way? This podcast was created in partnership with Centre for Health Innovation.