About Us

Welcome to the Simpson Lab

Creating meaningful change through meaningful work, collaboration, and innovative thinking

The Simpson Lab was established in 2015 by Dr. Amber Simpson, Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Computing and Informatics. Our research focuses on evaluating cancer patient prognosis, guiding treatment planning, understanding underlying patterns of disease, and assessing the impact and bias of computational models in medicine. Our goal is to ensure cancer patients receive optimized and equitable care through the development of novel computational strategies.

Achieving this goal would not be possible without the multi-disciplinary members of our lab. The Simpson Lab has individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds, including computer science, life science, public health, engineering, philosophy, medicine, and mathematics. Each person is passionate about our goal and can contribute a unique perspective on current healthcare issues, allowing us to improve and enrich our research. 

We also collaborate frequently with industry partners and research institutions on a global scale. With their help, we are able to push the boundaries of cancer research and move one step closer to the ultimate goal of finding a cure.