SimITK/VTK Source Code

Please feel free to download SimITK/VTK from the links below. Note that we currently only support 32-bit Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X running MATLAB R2008b or later. Linux is currently unsupported and under development; we hope to have it available to download shortly.


SimITK – Latest Release (2010/06/02)

This release adds functionality to our previous release that allows for the direct
output of transform parameters to either the MATLAB workspace or as live
display using a Simulink Scope block.

SimITK – Previous Releases

SimVTK – Latest Release (2010/10/29)

This release is mostly identical to the 0.2.3 release except that it has been updated to include wrapping of vtk-5.6.1.

    Binaries and Source

  • (32.20 MB)     (Downloaded # times)
  • Mac OS X Logo SimVTK-0.2.4-MacOSX.tgz (67.60 MB)     (Downloaded # times)
    • NOTE: The Mac OS X build requires an Intel-based Mac with MATLAB R2008b or later. Within the .tgz, two binaries are included: maci for a 32-bit, and maci64 for a 64-bit, MATLAB installation.

    Source Only

  • (7.4 MB)     (Downloaded # times)
  • Mac OS X Logo SimVTK-0.2.4-src.tgz (1.5 MB)     (Downloaded # times)
    • NOTE: If building, compiling and installing from this source on a Mac, it must be Intel-based running MATLAB R2008b or later.

SimVTK – Previous Releases

Special SimVTK Release: IGT Ultrasound Tracking

Note that this release is designed for use with a Certus infrared tracking system as
well as a SonixRP Ultrasound system under MATLAB 2008a.