Richard Linley retires as Queen’s School of Computing Staff

Although Richard will remain active in his faculty role, Richard has retired his role as Continuing/System Application Specialist and he will be greatly missed among staff. The School of Computing staff celebrated Richard’s retirement after hours on Teams. The event was called ” Toast to Richard.” This event was unlike any retirement party as there were musical performances, bedtime stories, and an exchange of memories and laughs.

Here is what some of the staff had to say.

” Long before I became tech savvy, I had a small problem with my computer mouse!
One morning for some unknown reason, I wasn’t able to get the little arrow into the corner of my computer screen no matter how hard I tried. Then, I thought I had a solution and picked up my mousepad and mouse and held them in various positions near my computer screen trying to get the little arrow in the corner! During this time, who should walk into my office but Richard! He had this incredulous look on his face and he asked me what on earth was I doing! As I started to explain he began to laugh hysterically. After a while he was able to collect himself enough to try and explain to me why what I was doing would never work! I didn’t understand it but I knew it was a big mistake! I made Richie swear he wouldn’t tell anyone but as the day went on, other staff members proved that he had! ”
– Irene LaFleche, previous Undergraduate Program Assistant

“Honestly, for me, Richard just seemed like the Gentle Giant. He always made me feel so welcome. Always made me laugh in the mornings. If I was having a bad day, Richard could make me laugh! He also had a big conversation with me that I can remember when I came in after my brother passed away .I can remember him really taking it in and asking about my dad, and how he felt. He mentioned his kids and how it made him feel hearing that news kind of saying “I cant ever imagine” and my goodness, did that hit home. He gave me a big hug, and made me feel just a bit better knowing that it was all so genuine.”
– Carly Napier, Administrative Secretary

“Richard loved to visit and eat my student chocolates! I loved his visits to my office!  They made my day.”
– Karen Knight, Undergraduate Program Assistant

“I really enjoyed the early morning conversations with Richard while waiting for the coffee to perk. He was so welcoming when I started and made me feel I was really part of the School of Computing family. We talked about all kinds of things like cottaging on the lake, family and pets, plays, my love of US college football and so much more.”
– Noreeen Haun, Research Administrative Assistant

“Richard has this wonderful way of making everyone feel welcome in the School. When I first came on as staff in December 2018, Richard never held back on his witty one-liners about my pregnancy. My favourite one by far was at a staff potluck when he was trying to convince me to have seconds on his dessert. He said ‘that piggy of a baby of yours will thank you for it!’ I’d like to think I burned some calories with the laughter so I went ahead and had seconds.”
– Aysha Tayab-Ratsep, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

We thank Richard for everything he has done for the Queen’s School of Computing community and we wish him all the very best! 

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