Creative Computing Event Featured on CKWS TV and in the Whig Standard

The School of Computing’s Creative Computing event was held Thursday, April 4 in the BioSciences Atrium. It was a day that highlighted the work of the School’s undergraduate and graduate students with hands-on demos, presentations and posters from a selection of our courses.  The event featured the 5th Annual Computer Art Exhibit from this year’s students of COCA 201, projects in Game Design and Game Technology from students in CISC 226 and CISC 877, Human Computer Interaction projects from CISC 325, and poster presentations from our fourth year students based on their major undergraduate research projects.

CKWS TV was on hand to record the events and to hear from PhD student Eric Rapos and Professors Nick Graham and Roel Vertegaal. See the whole feature here.

The Kingston Whig Standard was also on hand to take in the event, and interviewed computing students Jonathan Stanford, Josh Taylor and Dillon Smith, who created a multi-player game featuring zombies. Nick Graham also provided some insight into the links between computing and creativity. Read the whole story here.

Thanks to principal organizer Ben Hall, and to everyone who made the show a success!

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