Welcome to OSS4MDE 2015

OSS4MDE´15 publications are now available at workshop proceedings

  • Time of workshop: 9:00 – 17:00
  • Location of workshop: Room “Joliet” in the MODELS’15 conference hotel

A significant number of users of MDE tools in industry and academia have begun to consider the use of open source MDE tools and some have even already committed to it. The recent formation of the PolarSys Eclipse Working Group (polarsys.org) with participation from Airbus, Thales, CEA list Ericsson, Astrium, Atos, Obeo, Soyatec, Combitech, and Intecs is evidence of that. This shift away from proprietary, commercial MDE tools towards open source represents a radical shift from past practices and presents both exciting opportunities and substantial challenges for everybody interested in MDE, regardless of whether they use the tools for industrial development, research, or education. Due to the importance of tooling to the success of MDE, this shift has the potential to provide a much-needed stimulus for major advances in its adoption, development, and dissimination. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to ensure that this potential is realized.


The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers, educators and industry representatives interested in modeling and MDE and provide them with an opportunity to learn more about the anticipated increased importance of open source MDE tools and to shape and influence future developments so that the effectiveness of open source modeling tools is maximized for all stakeholders.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • how to facilitate the adoption of open source MDE tools in industry, research, and teaching
  • how to facilitate the efficient, sustained development of high-quality, open source MDE tools suitable for users in industry, research, and teaching
  • what are the needs of existing open source MDE tools and what hinders their use
  • To what extent does development of open source MDE tools require oversight and governance
  • how to build and sustain an open and active user and developer community for open source MDE tools
  • what is the best way that social media and online resources such as stackoverflow.com can be leveraged
  • what are the requirements for the integration of open source and commercial tools and how can they be realized
  • what are potential pitfalls (e.g., legal and licensing issues) in the development and use of open source MDE tools
  • insightful experience reports describing the development or use of open source MDE tools that, e.g., speak to the topics listed above