Congratulations to the Computing Class of 2021

Our graduating class of 163 Bachelor, Master’s, and PhD in Computing students would be walking the stage in Grant Hall for their convocation ceremony. Once again, due to the pandemic, we are sending our graduates off and welcoming them as our alumni remotely. We look forward to offering them a traditional ceremony in the future. Until then, watch the video message below from members of our School offering their congratulations.



As per School of Computing tradition, the School hosts a reception for the graduates where cake is served in the foyer of Goodwin Hall. The next best option was to host a virtual reception on Zoom. So that’s exactly what we did. On Friday, June 4st at 2:30 pm, the department got together to  mix and mingle, play some trivia, and  share their warm wishes to the graduates and celebrate their success.



Master of Science

Omar El Zarif, MSc under the supervision of Dr. Ying Zou
Justin Gerolami, MSc under the supervision of Dr. Parvin Mousavi
David Kyun Nam, MSc under the supervision of Dr. David Skillicorn
Oliver Lyon, MSc under the supervision of Dr. Kai Salomaa
Ka Lai Yung, MSc under the supervision of Dr. Yuan Tian
Sahil Shethiya, MSc

Doctorate of Philosophy

Sara Abdelhamid Elsayed, PhD under the supervision of Dr. Hossam Hassanein
Ftoon Kedwan, PhD under the supervision of Dr. Selim Akl
Karim Lounis, PhD under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Zulkernine


Bachelor of Computing

Caleb Aikens, Computing Major
Luisa Aimoli, Cognitive Computing
Shreyansh Anand, Biomedical Computing
Caitlin Aspinall, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Patrick Bauer, Computing Major
Tyler Beckstead, Software Design
Bijan Betel Miri, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Tong Bu, Software Design
Victor Bubis, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Cheng Cao, Computer Science
Tara Carette, Cognitive Computing
Guo Chen, Software Design
Yihao Chen, Computer Science
Yiyin Chen, Software Design
Zifeng Chen, Computing Major
Soo-Yeon Choi, Software Design
Brandon Christof, Computer Science
Anna Chulukov, Software Design
Duncan Clarke, Cognitive Computing
Rachel Coreau, Cognitive Computing
Cameron Cunningham, Computer Science
Christina Cutler, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Karishma Daga, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Jessica Dassanayake, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Sarah De La Roche, Cognitive Computing
Matthew Denny, Computer Science
Hershil Devnani, Biomedical Computing
Ryan D’Gama, Computer Science
Alan Dimitriev, Biomedical Computing
Natasha Djurdjevic, Software Design
John Duffy, Cognitive Computing
Partik Dullat, Software Design
Irena Dunjic, Computer Science
Danielle Edward, Software Design
Maxwell Eisen, Computer Science
Marwan ElKhodary, Software Design
Ryan Fernandes, Software Design
Liam Fiebig, Biomedical Computing
Mackenzie Furlong, Software Design
Tongxu Ge, Software Design
Christopher Goel, Software Design
Daniel Goldstein, Computing Major
Jintao Gongliang, Computer Science
Joseph Gravenor, Computer Science
Jack Grebenc, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Ella Griffin, Software Design
Tan Guo, Software Design
Zifeng Guo, Cognitive Computing
David Haddad, Software Design
Dong Han, Software Design
Wenxin Han, Software Design
Madeleine Hanzlik-Meech, Biomedical Computing
Yan He, Computer Science
Cassidy Houlding, Software Design
Xinyu Hu, Computer Science
Zhiyuan Hu, Cognitive Computing
Derek Huang, Computer Science
Yuelin Huang, Computing Major
Taylor Jones, Computing Major
Ryan Kerr, Computer Science
Harry Kim, Cognitive Computing
Jaeryeong Kim, Computer Science
David Kubik, Computing Major
Jolene Lammers, Software Design
Emma Landry, Software Design
Kai Laxdal, Computing Major
Seung Lee, Software Design
Johnny Leung, Software Design
Diwen Li, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Hanyi Li, Computing Major
Jinrong Li, Computer Science
Xinhang Li, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Xinrui Li, Computer Science
Wansi Liang, Biomedical Computing
Brent Littlefield, Computer Science
Anne Liu, Cognitive Computing
Jason Liu, Software Design
Yitong Liu, Computer Science
Yueyang Liu, Software Design
Guanlin Lu, Software Design
Ruikang Luo, Computer Science
Tao Ma, Computer Science
Xuefei Ma, Computer Science
Cameron Mackay, Cognitive Computing
Nakul Malhotra, Cognitive Computing
Anthony Marsili, Software Design
Jaden Mazzone, Computing Major
Emily McAusland, Cognitive Computing
Megan McClure, Software Design
Trevor Mclellan, Computer Science
Sam McPhail, Software Design
Joseph Meffen, Software Design
Andrea Mitchell, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Bennet Montgomery, Biomedical Computing
Kenya Moore, Computing Major
Spencer Neal, Software Design
Matthew Neufeld, Computer Science
Cyrus Ng, Software Design
Danny Ngo, Software Design
Bruce Nishimura, Software Design
Daniel Oh, Biomedical Computing
Michael Olson, Computer Science
Nicole Osayande, Biomedical Computing
Seung-Hye Pak, Computing Major
Ian Pepin, Computing Major
Hayden Pfeiffer, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Dominic Phillips, Computing Major
Brynnon Picard, Software Design
Vahid Rahmani, Software Design
Emma Ritcey, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
John Robertson, Computer Science
Brendan Russell, Software Design
Aaron Safer-Rosenthal, Computer Science
Tristan Samis, Biomedical Computing
Elizabeth Sekine, Computing Major
Chengyuan Sha, Biomedical Computing
Rayan Shaikli, Biomedical Computing
Yuntian Shan, Computer Science
Yewin Shu, Software Design
Samuel Song, Software Design
Tiannan Song, Cognitive Computing
Connor St Louis, Software Design
Victor Uemura, Computing Major
Henry Van Herk, Computer Science
Chaeme Vogue, Software Design
Daniel Wang, Computer Science
Hayden Wang, Cognitive Computing
Melissa Wang, Software Design
Qinyu Wang, Biomedical Computing
Xin Wang, Computer Science
Xinmeng Wang, Computer Science
Zimo Wang, Computer Science
Katherine Warburton, Cognitive Computing
Phoenix Wilkie, Biomedical Computing
Yaochen Xiao, Computer Science
Wei Xie, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics
Gexiao Xu, Computing Major
Laixin Xu, Computer Science
Evelyn Yach, Biomedical Computing
Tianyuan Yang, Cognitive Computing
Yanyu Yang, Computer Science
Runze Yi, Computer Science
Zongmin Yu, Computing Major
Runqing Zang, Software Design
Haoyu Zhang, Cognitive Computing
Jinting Zhang, Computing Major
Yijia Zhang, Computer Science
Zilong Zhang, Software Design
Dianhao Zou, Computing, Mathematics, and Analytics

Bachelor of Arts

Katie Lu, Computing and the Creative Arts
Lianne Orlowski, Computing and the Creative Arts
Zhuoyun Xu, Computing and the Creative Arts
Qianyue Yuwen, Computing and the Creative Arts
Zhiruo Zhou, Computing and the Creative Arts


We wish the class of 2021 all the very best in their future endeavors!


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