Professor David Rappaport Retires from the Queen’s School of Computing

Professor David Rappaport will be retiring from the School of Computing on December 31st. He has been a professor at the School for 21 years.

Here are  well wishes from some of his colleagues:


All the best in your retirement David.
– Tom Bradshaw, School Manager, Administration, and Technology


I have really enjoyed the years working with you, first as the Graduate Coordinator and then later as the Admissions Officer.  I will miss our friendly chats about family and life in general. Happy Retirement David! 
– Debby Robertson, Graduate Program Assistant


For decades, David Rappaport has been my running companion. We took part in several races together, including Beat Beethoven and the Kingston Half-Marathon. But our most important and most enjoyable runs have been our daily jogs that started and ended at the old Queen’s gym on Union Street (the PEC, for those who remember), and more recently at the new Queen’s gym (the ARC). Every weekday (almost invariably at lunch hour) our route has taken us along the lakeshore, through downtown, over the Lasalle Causeway, around Point Frederick at RMC, sometimes to the top of the hill at Fort Henry, and back to the gym. Along the way, we would have animated conversations on science, politics and everything we can think of. The main topic of discussion is usually computational problems and we designed many an algorithm on the run (puns just happen). We would also tell each other all manner of stories, mostly funny ones. Sometimes we laugh so hard that we almost need to stop in order to catch our breath. In about an hour we are back and wonder where the time went. Running through a storm in heavy rain, our private joke has been that our feat surely deserves a medal. Naturally, a run in a blizzard, we always felt, should earn us an “Order of Canada”. Lately, our walks along the Cataraqui River with David’s loyal dog Abel have taken me to parts I did not know existed. Thank you David for the runs, the walks and the friendship. Enjoy your retirement!
Selim Akl, Professor


I retain a compound of many small fragments of delight of his wit and company over the years. It was always good to stop by his office during my floor rounds, I always knew I was stepping in for some fun product (or byproduct) of his eclectic mind.
Gabor Fichtinger, Professor


When first working at the School, I was still learning about the field of computing. David told me about his work in computational geometry and his love of music and how the two went together. I was fascinated by it all. Enjoy your retirement David!
– Aysha Tayab-Ratsep, Marketing and Communications Coordinator


We thank David for everything he has done at the Queen’s School of Computing community and we wish him all the very best! 

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