Remembering Two Great Professors: Dr. Don Jardine and Dr. Michael Levison

In recent months, we have  said “goodbye” to two Emeritus Professors: Dr. Don Jardine and Dr. Michael Levison.

Dr. Don Jardine (July 23, 1930- February 7, 2019)

 Dr. Don Jardine came to Queen’s in 1970 and served as Head of the Department of Computing and Information Science from 1973 to 1979.  During this time the undergraduate curriculum was revised substantially, bringing it more in line with other computer science departments. In addition, the department acquired a PDP-11 computer to support research work. Dr. Jardine retired in 1994  and in 1995 he co-founded Legasys Corporation with Drs. Kevin Schneider and Jim Cordy.


Dr. Michael Levison (July 22, 1937- March 5, 2019)

Dr. Michael Levison was one of the founders of the School of Computing, arriving at
Queen’s in 1970. As one of the early faculty members and then as
department head from 1990 to 1997, he helped guide the growth of the
School toward its present strength in research and graduate education. Beyond his retirement, Michael continued to pursue his passion for research in diverse areas pertaining to digital humanities. This was a field of research in which he justly garnered recognition as a pioneer and continued to add further depth.


Both of these individuals made significant contributions to the School that we are always grateful for. They will be greatly missed. 


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