2017 Invitational High School Programming Contest

Congratulations to Team 1 from St. Theresa Catholic High School, and coach Mr. Daniel Tie Ten Quee for the team’s win in this year’s School of Computing Invitational High School Programming Contest. It was a nail-biting finish as the team slipped into the lead at the very last minute. Thanks to Mr. Tie, and to coaches Mr. Jon Swaine (Sydenham High School), Mr. Matt Smith (Brockville Collegiate Institute), Mr. Jeff Wills (Frontenac Secondary School), and Mr. Robert Chatelain (Leahurst College) for bringing teams to compete in this year’s very successful contest in which 32 students in 8 teams tried to solve four programming problems in three hours. The top teams from the April 3 contest will compete in the Educational Computing Organization Of Ontario’s East Regional Contest, which is also being hosted by the School of Computing, at Queen’s on April 29. Thanks and well done to contest organizer, Richard Linley, to Lynda Moulton, Aaron Visser, Doug Martin, and to School of Computing Manager, Tom Bradshaw.

Photos by Doug Martin

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