A Festschrift for Selim G. Akl….A Message from David Rappaport

“From time to time one comes across a volume containing scholarly submissions honouring a “famous” researcher for his or her contributions to the community. The German word

Festschrift is commonly used to describe such a volume. Wikipedia translates Festschrift as a “celebration publication” or literally “party-writing”.

Some time ago colleagues of Selim Akl were invited to the “party”.  Today an impressive volume sits on my desk next to me as I write this message. It is:

A Festschrift for Selim G. Akl

Emergent Computation (Springer, Switzerland, 2017) is a book dedicated to Professor Selim G. Akl of the Queen’s School of Computing to honour his major research achievements in the field of computer science over four decades. Sixty five researchers from around the world contributed to the volume. Their articles cover a wide variety of research topics, including (among many others) algorithms for good musical rhythms, algorithms that make physical measurements, universality in computation, distributed message systems, descriptional complexity, parallel grammar systems, generalized hypercube machines, parallel sorting, cellular automata, constrained resource networks, vehicular clouds, epigenetic drug discovery, physical maze solvers, computer chess, quantum cryptography, and the structure of social networks.

selim    selim-1

The book is edited by Professor Andrew Adamatzky (Unconventional Computing Centre, University of the West of England, Bristol, U.K.) and Kai Salomaa and I wrote the foreword.”


Congratulations Selim!



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