Reading Tools

Make your course assigned readings engaging for students in remote learning environments by using the recommended reading tools below.

Collaborative Annotated Text Tools

Use for social annotation, highlighting and asynchronous text discussions on readings.


Can use for allowing students and their instructors to collaboratively markup PDF documents and textbooks bringing the discussion to the text.

Perusall Website

Instructions for using Perusall

Can use for collaborative annotation, highlighting, and tag web pages and PDF documents, collect comments about statements made in any web-accessible content, and filter and rank those comments to assess credibility. Website

Start Guide for

Interactive Textbook Tools

Use for digital interactive readings with pre-built in assessments and animations.


Use for readings in digital textbooks with integrated animations, interactives, assessments, and video notes.

Pearson resources by Computer Science discipline

Revel by Pearson Programming eTexts

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