Lecture Tools

Lecture materials in the Fall 2020 term will need to be available to students asynchronously. There will only be 1 hour of synchronous engagement per week per course. It should not be required that students attend this session due to time zone variances. We recommend using the lecture tools below.

Recorded Video Tools

Use for recording, editing, captioning, and sharing videos.


Can use for embedding videos in onQ, creating video quizzes, and analyzing video quiz data.

Instructions for using Ensemble

Login to Ensemble

Microsoft Stream

Can use for viewing and sharing recorded videos in teams and/or uploading and adding captions to your pre-recorded videos. Note: Do not use embed codes or links from stream for sharing with your students. Ensemble is best choice for sharing videos in onQ.

Instructions for using Microsoft Stream

Login to Microsoft Stream


Can use for recording and editing videos, creating video quizzes, adding animations and more.

Camtasia License Download Link

Instructions for using Camtasia

Annotated PowerPoint

Can use narrated PowerPoint for recording voice over slides and saving as a video file. You can edit your annotated PowerPoint using Camtasia.

How to record a slide show with narration and slide timings

Login to Microsoft PowerPoint

Live Video Tools

Use for live video streaming and recording videos.

Microsoft Teams

Can use for live videos and meetings, recording videos, asynchronous or synchronous chat, creating customizable groups and sharing files and folders with all group members.

Instructions for using Microsoft Teams

Login to Microsoft Teams


Can use for live videos and meetings, recording videos, doing live polls, and having breakout sessions.

Zoom Pro accounts available by August 30th

Instructions for using Zoom

Digital Whiteboard Tools

Use for writing on a whiteboard in live and recorded videos or for collaboration.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Can use for screen sharing and writing on surface, similar to using a blackboard or whiteboard in the classroom. Can also be used collaboratively to draw, sketch, and write together on a shared digital canvas.

How to use Whiteboard in Teams

Login to Microsoft Whiteboard

Explain Everything

Can use for screen sharing and recording videos directly while writing on surface, typing or sharing images and files. Great tool for creating interactive and engaging lessons.

Learn more about Explain Everything

Try using Explain Everything

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