Assessment Tools

There are many tools available for remote digital assessment. We recommend using the assessment tools below.

Test and Assignment Tools

Use to create various assessments for students.

onQ Quizzes

Can use for creating and managing points-measured assessments such as quizzes, tests, and exams with a variety of question types and multi-media.

Instructions for using Quizzes in onQ

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onQ Dropbox

Can use for individual and group assignment submissions in file or text form, to set assignment due dates, and to provide feedback on assignments.

Instructions for using Dropbox in onQ

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Academic Integrity Tools

Use to encourage academic integrity of student assessments.


Can use for text matching to check originality of student submissions in dropbox.

Instructions for using Turnitin in onQ


Can use for online proctoring to allow students to take their exam remotely.

Examity Website

Grading Tools

Use to evaluate student work.

onQ Rubrics

Can use for evaluating an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria to help ensure they are evaluated fairly and consistently.

Instructions for using Rubrics in onQ

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onQ Grade Book

Can use for setting up a grading scheme and system to calculate grades, determine which grade items are associated with which tools, and when grades are released to students.

Instructions for using Grades in onQ

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Can use for collaborative grading and analytics for instructors and TAs to work alone or in teams to more effectively evaluate student work.

Instructions for using Crowdmark

Peer Review Tools

Use to allow students to complete peer review evaluations.

Feedback Fruits

Can use for peer review, group member evaluations, automated feedback, and interactive documents, videos, and audio for collaboration.

Feedback Fruits Tool Overview


Can use for peer review of assignments for students to provide feedback to each other.

Instructions for using Aropä


Can use for peer review and self-assessment that allows students to assess during the group project life-cycle, giving the student a chance to improve their performance before the final summative review.

Instructions for using GRASP

Poster and Infographic Tools

Use to allow students to create various types of graphics using pre-built templates. No design experience required.


Can use for creating social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content using a drag and drop editor and pre-built templates.

Canva Website


Can use for creating infographics, flyers, posters, presentations and reports using a drag and drop editor and pre-built templates.

Piktochart Website

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