How Queen’s School of Computing Has Been Readying Aspiring Computer Science Professionals For Careers in Technology for Nearly 50 Years

Layan Nahlawi and Director Hossam Hassanein spoke to about the School’s programs and atmosphere, as well as the importance of Computing in today’s world.

From the article:

For nearly five decades, Queen’s School of Computing has been laying the foundations for thousands of students looking to jump-start careers in the computer science industry. Known internationally for its diverse educational environment that fosters a family-like atmosphere, the school offers programs in a wide range of IT specialties, including software design, mathematics, computer architecture, and programming, among many others. Maintaining pace with changing markets and technologies, Queen’s School of Computing has evolved its offerings to give aspiring computer science professionals the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive, tech-focused business environment.

You can read the whole article on their blog at:

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