QSC Undergraduates Shine Again!

Nine Queen’s School of Computing Perk Lab undergraduate papers were accepted to the SPIE Conference on Medical Imaging: Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling, to be held in Orlando, Florida, February 11 – 16, 2017.

This is one of the larges international conferences in the field of Medical Imaging.  The 10-page paper will be published in the SPIE procedings.

Our  undergraduate first-authors are:

1st year: Hillary Lia
2nd year: Aniqah Mair, Vinith Suriyakumar, Anna Ilina, Christina Yan
3rd year: Vinyas Harish, Zac Baum, Rachael House, Grace Underwood

In addition to their own first-authored paper, Zac Baum co-authored 3 further papers and
Vinyas Harish co-authored 2 further papers. Eden Bibic, co-author, was a grade-11 high school student on Queen’s University Internships in Computing (QUIC). Rene Xu, co-author, contributed her work through a CISC-500 undergraduate thesis. All but one of the undergrads are in the Biomedical Computing Program.

The full tally is:

1. H Lia, Z Keri, MS Holden, V Harish, CH Mitchell, T Ungi, G Fichtinger. Training with Perk Tutor improves ultrasound-guided in-plane needle insertion skill;
2. AT Mair, T Vaughan, T Ungi, A Lasso, CJ Engel, G Fichtinger. Evaluation of an interactive ultrasound-based breast tumor contouring workflow;
3. VM Suriyakumar, R Xu, C Pinter, G Fichtinger. Open-source software for collision
detection in external beam radiation therapy;
4. A Ilina, A Lasso, MA Jolley, B Wohler, A Nguyen, A Scanlan, Z Baum, F McGowan, G
Fichtinger. Patient-specific pediatric silicone heart valve models based on ultrasound;
5. Z Baum, T Ungi, A Lasso, G Fichtinger. Usability of a real-time tracked augmented reality display system in musculoskeletal injections;
6. R House, A Lasso, V Harish, G Fichtinger. Evaluation of the Intel RealSense SR300 camera for image-guided interventions and application in vertebral level localization;
7. G Underwood, T Ungi, Z Baum, A Lasso, G Kronreif, G Fichtinger. Skull registration for
prone patient position using tracked ultrasound;
8. V Harish, E Bibic, A Lasso, M S Holden, T Vaughan, Z Baum, T Ungi, G Fichtinger.
Monitoring electromagnetic tracking error using redundant sensors;
9. C Yan, T Ungi, G Gauvin, D Jabs, A Lasso, CJ Engel, J Rudan, G Fichtinger. Study into thedisplacement of tumor localization needle during navigated breast cancer surgery.

Congratulations to our brilliant undergraduates, to their supervisor Dr. Gabor Fichtinger, and to the entire Perk Lab. We are proud of you!

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