2016 ECOO and QSC East Regional High School Programming Contest

The School of Computing played host for the third time to the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario’s East Regional High School Programming Contest on April 30th. Twenty-two teams of up to four student programmers each participated, attempting to solve four challenging programming problems in the space of three hours. The top five teams from Saturday’s contest are eligible to enter the final in the ECOO programming contest series next month in Toronto. Thanks to all the teams and their coaches for participating. Congratulations to the winning team from Bell High School Team 1, and team members Jacob Maxwell, Ian Frosst, Charles Holtforster, and Victor Bubis. Honorable mention to second place Lisgar Collegiate Institute Team 1 and to other teams that placed highly in the contest in spite of an unfortunate delay in arriving owing to a broken down bus. Thanks to School of Computing organizer, Richard Linley, to ECOO’s Chris Kulenkamp who acted as principal score-keeper, to School of Computing Manager, Tom Bradshaw, and to the School’s Lynda Moulton for organizing the catering.

Photos by Richard Linley, Jon Swayne, Mark Lee, and Tom Bradshaw.

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