Creative Computing 2014

Hundreds of interested faculty, students, and staff gathered at the Biosciences Complex on Thursday April 3rd for the Queen’s School of Computing’s annual exhibition of Creative Computing: Art, Games, and Research. The event highlighted the work of the School’s undergraduate and graduate students with hands-on demos, presentations, and posters from a selection of our courses, with topics including Game Design and Game Technology, Computing and the Creative Arts, 4th year projects, Human Computer Interaction, and more. Congratulations and thanks to the organizers and participants. The event was also featured in the Heritage newspaper,the Instructables website and 3D Printing Industry, a renowned blog in the tech prototyping industry.

Photos by Dave Dove.

Find below the CoCA201’14 explorations

Mood Fern:

Interactive Clothing:

Goon Quad:


Venus Fly Trap:

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