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1. Ahmadi, Reza; Hili, Nicolas; Dingel, Juergen: Property-aware Unit Testing of UML-RT Models in the Context of MDE. In: 14th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications (EC-MFA'18), pp. 147-163, Springer, Toulouse, France, 2018. (Type: Inproceedings | Links | BibTeX)
2. Ahmadi, Reza; Hili, Nicolas; Das, Nondini; Ganesan, Suchita; Jweda, Leo; Dingel, Juergen: Run-time Monitoring of a Rover: MDE Research with Open Source Software and Low-cost Hardware. In: 3rd International Workshop on Open Source Software for Model Driven Engineering (OSS4MDE'16), Saint-Malo, France. October 3, 2016, 2016. (Type: Inproceedings | Links | BibTeX)