Upcoming Events

  1. Pickup Basketball: GCSBA
    INBOX-19577We are looking to get some games of basketball going, and want to see who would be interested in joining the Graduate Computing Society Basketball Association (GCSBA).

    The plan is to get a list of names together that can be shared with the league, and when you want to play a game, just email out to the league when you want to play, and meet up to shoot some hoops – very casual and fun games, but a good chance to get on the court.
    If you want to join, send an email to eric@cs.queensu.ca and he will add you to the list over the next week or so, and then will send out the list to those interested. Feel free to join at any time, newcomers always welcome.
    Friends always welcome!


In the past, we have been known to take part in:


  • Bowling Nights
  • Laser Tag and Mini Putt (Putt N’ Blast)
  • Movie Nights
  • Games Nights
  • Ice Cream Coffee Breaks


And of course, we have our weekly event, the GCS Coffee Break which take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am in the Break Room (Goodwin 620).


If you have any requests for an event, feel free to let us know at gcs@cs.queensu.ca or leave a comment below.

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