There will be one group assignment, broken up in several smaller pieces.

Assignment Description

Assignment 1: Project Ideas. Deliverable: 2-page PDF, 10 point font single spaced with 1 page of sketches on your project. Due date Monday 28th of February. See details below.

Assignment 2: Implementation Details. Deliverable: 2-page PDF 10 point font single spaced. 1 page diagram of your implementation or other relevant drawing or figure. Due date Monday 11th of February.

Literature review of prior work with references to academic papers. How are you going to implement your project? What tools will you use? What are the challenges? Timeline of your implementation and who does what.

See submission details below.

Assignment 3: Final Project. Deliverable: 4 page note in CHI Extended Abstracts format, with literature review, references, and pictures of your project. Write this as if it was a CHI submission. See ACM DL for examples; See for formatting template (choose Extended Abstracts, not long papers).

Project code to be submitted via or similar website.

– All assignments are to emailed as pdf, or in the case of code, as a .rar file, to
– Please include in the subject line “CISC 425/878 ASSIGNMENT [number] GROUP [number]”
– Please include all student numbers and names of all students in the project team in the body of the email, as well as on the first page of the PDF. Failure to do so will result in not being awarded a grade.

All assignments are due at 9.00 am at the day of the lecture. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS will be accepted.